Woven Power Resistors

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1000 watts ohmweve woven resistor
Ohmweve Woven Resistor
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Woven Resistor

Ohmweve woven resistors are the highest power per weight or volume resistors on the market. They achieve high wattages without the need of a heat sink.  The unique design maximizes surface area while minimizing thermal mass, allowing unimpeded convection and radiation away from the resistor surface.

    • – No Heat Sink Required
    • – High Power/Size Ratio
    • – Light Weight
    • – High Voltage

OhmWeve power resistors are woven with a resistance alloy wire and high temperature yarn to allow high heat dissipation in a slim configuration. They work well in AC, DC or pulsed applications and can carry voltages up to 20kV.  Resistor cages are available for mounting resistors in series or parallel.

****** We apologize for the recent price increase. ******

****** It was necessary due to increased production costs. ******

*400 Watts in ambient air
 *1000 Watts with fan

Wattages are based on the limits of our in-house testing and not resistor failure.

Tolerance: resistor values are:

     +/- 2% at 70ºF for resistor values >12 ohms

              +/- 5% at 70ºF for resistor values </=12 ohms

Temperature coefficient of resistance: most commercial resistors will change in value as they heat up. We have selected an alloy to minimize this change.

The TCR of our alloy is 0.00015 which means Ohmweve resistors will increase linearly by 2.8% at 450º F. The governing equation is R=RREF (1+ 0.00015 (T-TREF))

where RREF is a resistance value from our selection chart. T is the temperature of the hot resistor in Celsius. TREF is 20ºC