Load Bank
Load Bank
Load Bank with Fan

Load banks are devices that turn electricity into heat.  They are used to test high power electrical equipment such as power supplies and modulators when the device the equipment is meant to power isn’t available.

Load banks are designed with the correct resistance (in ohms) and power handling capability (in Watts) to simulate the missing device or load.  Power is calculated –

P = (i^2)R     or     P = IV


P = Power (Watts)

i = Current (amps)

V = Voltage (Volts)

OhmWeve load banks come in racks of 5 or 10 resistors.  Each resistor can handle 400 Watts in free air convection or 1000 Watts with our fan attachment.  Resistor values run from 1 ohm to 1200 ohms.  Special values are available on request.

The racks are made of a non-conductive fiberglass frame to handle high voltage and heat.  6 electrical standoffs are available with our 5 resistor rack and 11 standoffs are available with our ten resistor rack.  This allows for connection of all resistors in either series or parallel.  The standoffs are designed for both high temperature and high voltage.  Extra standoffs are available under the ‘Resistor Accessories’ menu for special connection schemes.