Ohmweve offers a special category of low inductance resistors.  If you are looking for our standard resistors, please return to the Home Page and scroll down toward the bottom.  Our low inductance resistors here require special weaving procedures, so they may not be available in all of the values that our standard resistors are.  In addition, they may require special testing (network analyzer) to ensure you are getting the proper impedance at your frequency.  There will be some minor stray capacitance associated with the resistors (on the order of 2nf).

The charts below show comparisons between a 1000 ohm OhmWeve resistor and a 1” dia x 8” long tubular low inductance resistor from a competitor.  When looking at the charts, keep in mind the OhmWeve resistor is 1000 ohms while the tubular resistor is 2000 ohms.

If it looks like these are what you need, give us a call or an email and we will work with you to get you the resistors you need.


In Low inductance, We can make:

350 – 1000 ohms, 400W (1000W w/forced air)

175 – 350 ohms, 200W (500W w/forced air

88 – 170 ohms, 100W (250 w/forced air)    Note: 2 windings on one resistor must be wired in parallel.

These are rough ranges.  We would need to know your specific requirements to check availability of wire sizes and exact manufacturing capability.