Resistor Cage, 10 slot – RC10


Resistor cages are used to build load banks.  Resistor cages are built with GP0-3 electrical insulating fiberglass to withstand temperatures to 300 degrees F. The cages hold 10 resistors in either a parallel or series configuration.

Electrical terminals supplied with the cage allow connection in various configurations with 10-32 screws.  They are designed to withstand both high temperatures and high voltages.

Included are fiberglass frame, 11 insulator standoffs and 40 springs.  11 insulator standoffs allow for connection of all resistors in either series or parallel.  The standoffs are designed for both high temperature and high voltage.  Extra standoffs are available under the ‘Resistor Accessories’ menu for special connection schemes.

‘Note: the resistor rack design was changed in April of 2023 to make it smaller and to stabilize the resistors in forced air.  The new design uses different springs.’

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Additional Information
Weight 50 oz
Dimensions 23 × 4 × 4 in

Resistor Cage Dimensions